Freshly roasted coffee

Coffee aficionados request fresh coffee!

This is because, at Gelato Amico we roast on demand, ensuring that the coffee you buy satisfies the fussiest coffee aficionado.
All coffee roasters claim to have the best beans, and so we do.
We differentiate ourselves from the others not only because we are offering you the best roasted coffee beans, but also because we deliver them to you fresh!
Our coffee is a blend, like a good Bordeaux. It combines the flavours of different varieties of coffee. With more than 90% of Arabica beans you are sure to get the strength and with the help of a premier Robusta bean, you are sure to get the richness and density you look for in an excellent Espresso.
As the name suggests, Rocket Fuel is a strong coffee.
However, it is smooth with a creamy texture, delivering a full-body taste experience and a kick not matched by the world’ s most famous energy drinks. And, unlike many coffees, it leaves no bitter taste!

Taste it, like it, order it!
For prices email to:
Call Tino at 0437 702129 or Emanuele at 0468 345 977