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Restaurant Gelato
Hotels Ice Cream
Ice Cream Parlours Fruit Sorbet
Retail Shops Frozen Yoghurt
Catering Companies Gelato Cakes
Delicatessen Desserts


Available upon request are customized flavours, as well as waffle cones, accessories and equipment for serving.

Suitable options for vegans, celiacs, and those who are allergic or intolerant to nuts are available.

Gelato Amico will provide you with the finest product, using only carefully sourced ingredients: premier quality local milk and cream, real fruit whenever possible, and banning artificial flavourings.

Our recipes have been developed and improved through years of research and retail work by our team of Gelatieri, who create this magic product on a daily basis to order, guaranteeing the freshest possible treat.

You now know it, you can offer a better, healthier, and more natural product.

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